Health Education Heroes Program

Health Education Heroes is a 4-week sponsored certificate program for health, PE and wellness teachers who wish to use Lessonbee at their schools. It is designed to increase teacher confidence and mastery prior to implementing Lessonbee with students. During the program, teachers will explore comprehensive health education topics and how to teach them using the Lessonbee REAP and SOW framework, digital curriculum, and adaptive health education platform. Teachers earn a certificate, Lessonbee credits, and lifetime membership in the Health Education Heroes community upon completion of the program. 


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Program Benefits

Because every hero deserves perks! 

Weekly Lesson Plans

Weekly Lesson Plans

Save time on lesson planning with  4 months of free access to Lessonbee Classroom.

Hands-On Training

Hands-On Training

Learn best practices from a health education expert and earn a certificate of completion.

Credits & Resources

Lessonbee Credits

Unlock up to $2,500 in Lessonbee credits for your school to expand your health impact. 

“Lessonbee is an all-around useful tool for any health teacher.”

Kadeem Lyttle, Health Teacher

Help Teachers Promote Youth Well-Being

We’re on a mission to eliminate health illiteracy in this generation. National Health Education Standards call for 80 hours of health education per student per year in grades 3 to 12, including mental health education. On average, U.S. students receive less than 10. Meanwhile, half of mental health issues begin by age 14 and 75% begin by age 24.

Many schools leave health education up to the PE teacher or another school staffer that takes on health as a secondary responsibility without sufficient health education training, clear objectives, or up to date resources. In some cases, schools outsource specific health topics, like drugs and alcohol or sex education, to community-based organizations that provide 1x workshops or assemblies. Even full-time health teachers are often under-resourced and over-allocated. Combine this with the traumatic impact of the global health pandemic and we’ve got a youth mental health crisis that demands groundwater solutions focusing on root causes and prevention. 

Lessonbee created Health Education Heroes to provide health, PE, and wellness educators with the tools, resources, and support they need to teach skill-building health education and provide a relevant and emotionally affirming health class experience for students in grades 3-12. You can support our mission by donating to a Health Education Heroes cohort today via GiveButter. All proceeds go towards the curriculum and technology access and training provided to participating teachers.