Health Education Heroes Program

Health Education Heroes is an 8-week sponsored professional development program for educators teaching health education and social emotional learning. The program is free to health and SEL educators who wish to use Lessonbee at their school. It is designed to increase teacher confidence and mastery prior to implementing Lessonbee with students. During the program, educators will explore health and SEL topics and how to teach them using our REAP and SOW framework with Lessonbee. Educators earn a certification upon completion of the program and lifetime access to the Health Education Heroes community.

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Helping Teachers Promote Youth Well-Being

Nationwide, students are not receiving the quality or quantity of health education and social emotional learning required to navigate life. National Health Education Standards call for 80 hours of instruction per student per year for grades 3 to 12. On average, U.S. students receive fewer than 10 hours of health education every year, far less than the 40 - 50 hours required to affect behavior change. And while SEL expectations are on the rise in schools across the country, a majority of teachers lack the very SEL skills that they’re expected to teach students, like self-awareness, self-management, and relationship skills.

Many schools leave health education up to the phys. ed. teacher or another school staffer that takes on health as a secondary responsibility without sufficient health and SEL training, clear objectives, or up to date resources. In some cases, schools outsource specific health topics, like drugs and alcohol or sex education, to community-based organizations that provide 1x workshops or assemblies. And then there are schools that, due to competing priorities, provide little or no health education or SEL. The impact is widespread social and emotional problems among youth. 

Combine this with the traumatic impact of the global health pandemic and we’ve got a youth mental health crisis that demands groundwater solutions focusing on root causes and prevention. Lessonbee created Health Education Heroes to provide health and SEL educators with the tools, resources, and support they need to provide consistent and high quality health and SEL education and help achieve our mission to eliminate health and SEL illiteracy in this generation.

“Lessonbee is an all-around useful tool for any health teacher.”

Kadeem Little, Health Teacher

Next Cohort Starts January 2023


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